Saturday, 20 April 2013

DIY: 80's geometric nails

I was insanely sad my musical, "Footloose" was over so over Easter I've been wearing these 80’s inspired nails to try and keep the memories alive. They're really easy and can be done with loads of different colours and no 2 sets will ever look exactly the same! Have fun and experiment!

  1. Paint your base coat and leave it to dry before painting a coat of the lightest shade you are using. In my case this was 'Jade Stone'. Try to make sure it's as opaque as possible so you may need a few coats. Leave to dry.
  2. Using a second colour (mine was the darkest shade I was using and this worked well) create a sectioned area. Diagonal lines are great which separate the nail into sections. Make all the nails different to get an interesting set. Try and get the line as straight as possible. Leave to dry. 
  3. Add another section of your final colour. Leave to dry.
  4. Line any colour meeting points with a striping tool to cover up and wonky lines.
  5. Apply a top coat and you're done! 

TOP TIP: when sectioning off the nail there's 2 methods. The first which is slightly more risky is to go free hand. Try to remove as much lacquer from the brush as possible. Mark out a line and then fill in the area. The second method may be better for us cack-handed people, use a small amount of sticky tape to mark out the area. Stick it to the back of your hand first to reduce the sticky so it doesn't pull the nail polish off.


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a bird`s daily life said...

Cute pop color nails,just perfect for spring!
And I love the 80ies feeling they have!


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